1) Start Slow And Build Solid Foundations

– The Scenario – 

Obviously, this is a lot to take in at first. It can seem like a sudden reversal to be so technology dependent in real estate, and to be so transparent can seem like a dangerous game. However, technology works. And more importantly, it’s proven by the best. Now is the perfect time to ease into it.

– The Solution –

Gary Vaynerchuck, in his bestselling book Crush it!, expressed how real estate is especially resistant to change, due to a mindset that does not trust transparency. With my nascent experience I can’t definitively say how true this is, but what matters is that veterans of the industry with proven success think it’s true. The public also thinks it’s true: one stop on the Trulia or Zillow and their forums will show you how ignorant people are about the home buying process itself. This isn’t because agents aren’t doing their jobs; agents are nothing if not enthusiastically trying to get their information out there. It’s simply that people feel pressured up front to buy but unsure of their knowledge, which makes them nervous. The last thing you want to do is look nervous as well be rejecting evolving technologies.

No one is suggesting any one person can change real estate over night; nor should you or your team even try. The beauty of being an agent means independence, so you can simply change yourself.

Don’t start a QR campaign and expect a hit overnight: start small and give yourself time to make changes. Make practice codes and signs before you are ready to show any new marketing materials to clients. Build your network and invite suggestions if you find yourself struggling, or simply take a break and get back to what you know. If people copy your ideas, great! Don’t get cagey when the new guy down the hall asks you for help because he can’t understand what an app is. Try to provide him with help or at least point him to a better resource to save yourself time. Like with anything, you want an audience, but you need to tell a good story.

– The Reward –

It is, as with all things, simply about effort. You are your own best source of feedback. Find what’s feasible for you at the time and what is worth your time. Little things, like saving paper and learning a new app, are just the first step into a high-tech endeavor which will leave you ready for the future. Most importantly: it will make you a leader when you get there.