3) The Future QR Code Is Already Here, It’s Optimized For Brands, And This Will Help You Prepare For It

– The Scenario – 

Have you heard of Gravatar?

It is essentially an online image that follows you around and links you to commentary and posts. If you use WordPress for your blog, you already have the code for it. It’s like an embedded, protected, digital signature you can use on any site. Now imagine using it for your branding and your listings, connecting them all together.  Imagine your users being able to contact you by simply clicking on your Gravatar and getting your V-card off of your listing. It’s that simple and, because you can pick any image as your Gravitar, it can be your logo or brand! A lot more attractive than a bunch of blocks, yes? And you can use it on any site you join!

– The Solution –

Google Glass and other image apps scan images and link them to similar images on the Internet. These apps are more popular than ever and people use them to inspect and get news on new brands and their interactions with others. With Gravitar, when the public scans your logo, they see your brand logo has a Gravitar history and they can see what else you’ve done online as well as to contact you. 

– The Reward –

You will have successfully established your image and your brand as something that belongs to you and you alone. No one can impersonate or imitate your posts as long as your Gravitar account itself is secured. It leaves you less open to costly online attacks.