Small businesses and real estate have been especially slow to adopt new technology in recent years. It’s easy enough to understand: new tech often comes with a large up-front price tag and it can be really, really frustrating to learn to use new tools.  What if the time they save doesn’t offset the costs? What if your systems require more maintenance than you planned? What if you dislike tech support so much the you just go back to what you were doing?

But there is a technology that has been around for years that is small, simple, easy to use, and free: QR Codes. QR codes are popping up all over real estate, but while everyone is still learning the basics of QR codes, they are missing the other limitless applications of this one little image. And your phone already reads them for you and your clients! So does your desktop web browser! And using them will save you money! So what’s the holdup? 
Nothing more than growing pains that come naturally with any new business. But don’t let that fear stop you. Control the market now and start making these changes before the business changes without you.

Before we start: if you don’t have a smartphone, I can’t help you. Sorry! If you do, please grab your smartphone and download any free QR reader app from your smartphone store. Follow the tutorial to learn the best way to scan images. Got it? Let’s jump in!

5) You Can Use A QR Code You Generate Yourself To Send And Receive Text Messages From Leads

– The Scenario –

You have hundreds of possible buyers moving up and down the road near your listing, viewing it on Craigslist, and seeing it on your website. They see your face and they see the number, but they don’t feel much like talking. Can’t they get a hold of you in a softer way, rather than having to stop and make a potentially stressful phone call?

– The Solution – is one of literally hundreds of sites that let you create highly customized QR codes, allowing you to input your contact number and a small message. It’s also all free, with no limit or login… and you can create them in less than two minutes from anywhere! You can do it for as many properties as you want! Once you enter the message and phone number, you can download and save the QR code as an image file that you can print or upload anywhere. When anyone scans your QR code it will display your chosen message (which can be changed after-the-fact) with your phone number. All they have to press is “send” to ask their question via simple, stress-free, and easy SMS. Don’t believe it can be that simple? 

Go ahead. Scan it. I look forward to hearing from you!

– How This Will Save You Money –

Imagine the money that could save you in service costs and leads that aren’t serious. It’s a simple image that you can fit into any number of flyers, signs or ads… and you own it now and forever! Imagine getting rid of expensive text-for-listing-services. Why not simply list your phone number and this code on your signs? Buyers and sellers know what a QR code is, but how impressed will they be with a service that lets them text with a human rather than a robot? Now imagine using that one code for ALL your listings. How much time will your buyers save on calls when a simple text would do?  If you really want to get ahead, why not create a separate QR code for each listing and customize the text that you are sent, so you know immediately which property is being asked about? That’s valuable information you could use before that crucial first phone call.

It’s all free for you to use right now, and it’s easy to learn.

Coming Tomorrow: 4) Real World Application To Save You Money