Real estate, as an industry, is a market that is really, weirdly, resistant to change when it involves marketing and new development. I know because I am always flabbergasted at how it markets itself: like it’s audience is someone who hasn’t changed in 20 years. It’s like 1993 never stopped. It adopts changes at about that level too. I don’t know why people cold call or spend hundreds of dollars on good print. I don’t know why people get logos made off of a service site who knows about logo creation and not get the vector, or market their own brand rather than their homes brand. I watch Glengarry Glen Ross and I have real trouble putting this into context, because although it was about real estate in the 80s, I kind of assumed it took place in the 50s. I work in real estate but I am an Inbound Marketing Professional, and no one I have met in real estate has any idea what that means on the offset. Most of them don’t really know what I mean, and to tell you the truth, I think they want to but it’s kinda scary.

The Knowles Team is great because they have allowed me to make these changes, and respond to them, in a modern way. That’s why they prioritize content creation. I’m young but I’m not to be written off. They haven’t shied away from it which is amazing to me! Most agencies don’t even add QR codes to their signs, and here come an office that is excited about me setting up monitored Twitter feeds for every property. How freakin’ cool is that?! Especially in an industry that still thinks print is a great way to get an audience. But how do you serve a mobile audience with print? You can’t. I can get the best audience ever, I know how to get interest, but I need to be able to follow helping people. This gives me data and discretion too. That’s better by far.

We’re gonna make great things together!