Do a quick Google search and you’ll see just how many millions of links there are detailing the horrendous effects of the government shut down. I feel safe to admit I’m a little bit scared of another crisis. But I’m still lucky to be where I am and happy to have myself and my team, sellers, and buyers because we’re a smart group who can adapt. This is a smart city, and we can adapt too!

6) Teamwork Is Important (But So Is Understanding)

Teamwork can be something people take for granted. My generation is used to these crisis points, in an odd, millennial kind of way which leaves me eager to get older and hopefully learn from every challenge. Move forward now. Since 9/11 the US can’t seem to go about more than four or three years without going through these swing processes of political backlash and reaction. Me and mine get a crazybag of tech and a vice for a voice, which is rather cocky. We don’t know everything but we are excellent fact retainers. Much like real estate in Seattle, it helps to admit I’m green inside but to full of information.

We have to cooperate with what came before us because we’re in this together. We can’t some up every thing in a formula of buyers and sellers. People are important too, and a resource.

5) Remember the federal shutdown of 1995?
It didn’t last as long as his one, short lived after both sides came to the table. Eventually everyone will come to this table.

In 1995,  HUD and the IRS had most things stay the same through the US Fed. 95′ wasn’t terrible and the economic gains helped us recover. But this time the stakes are higher. The IRS isn’t doing it’s processing of tax returns and social security number validation steadily, and you are out of luck twice if you were unlucky enough to be hit by Hurricane Sandy on the East Coast. It’s all hurry up and wait.

So we know what’s happened so far already to The Knowles Team and I: not much so far. Were a good, multi generational, diverse group. We have perspective.

Let’s put the pieces together: what’s happening to Seattle that could affect our business, buyers and sellers? How can we come together to outwit what we can’t control, in a time where information is worth more than money?

This is a three days series and Seattle needs your feedback everyone! Stay above the curve!

Part 2: The Seattle Fed and Local HUD regulations