Introductions: The Knowles Team Moves With Changes In Seattle Real Estate

Greetings! For those of you who keep up with The Knowles Team and our Wallingford office this will come as no surprise, but we’ve recently undergone some transitions and I’d like to introduce myself. I’m Lissie and I’m the new marketing specialist for The Knowles Team of Keller Williams Greater Seattle! I’ll be in charge of lead generation and keeping in touch with the market and media materials, as well as  keeping up with buyer and seller satisfaction. I graduated with a degree in management and I have a half decade of experience in print and online media management in the Seattle and Minneapolis metro areas focusing on customer relations and social media advertising for a wide vaiety of commercial products. Because of my strong networking ties and love for community volunteer work, I made the choice to focus my career in a more positive direction that would truly help people. Home ownership is an important step in everyone’s life, a cornerstone of community, family, and financial health for millions of Americans. With that in mind I successfully applied myself to improving home ownership in Seattle as the newest member of The Knowles Team!  My experience will assist the entire team in a dynamic industry in need of someone who can answer questions about today’s real estate landscape and de-mystify one of life’s timeless, quintessential experiences: home ownership! 

Over the next few weeks I’ll be updating the blog, the website, Facebook… well, at this point I might as well tell you what I’m not going to change! The great service and expertise will stay the same. Sheryl and Jim run a great team and out on the field, our great team or Seattle area agents and realty specialists will continue to do the great job the always do: really, they keep the Real World working so us computer geeks have a safe place to avoid the sun until Skynet takes over. 

You prepared? Okay, let’s get moving! Next up: Hootsuite, ActiveRain, and our new charity event. Lissie out!