Because a common belief is that homes do not sell in the winter, some sellers take their homes off the market during the winter.

Although there are fewer buyers looking during the second season (September to March) than during the hot selling season (April to August), now is actually a great time to offer your house for sale. Besides, a lot of the people looking when the weather is nice and school is out never buy anything.

Here’s why. We have observed that if people are looking at homes during the second season (winter) they are serious buyers who intend to buy. Yes, there are fewer showings but the buyers are ready, willing and able to buy. Since showings tend to follow the light of day, the showing hours are compressed and evening appointments are very rare. That is actually a benefit for the seller because fewer, more convenient and better quality showings are less intrusive for the family. And, importunately, since many regular (meaning not distressed, short sale or foreclosure) sellers believe nothing sells in winter, there is less competition for the buyers who are looking.

According the National Association of Realtors® 1 in 4 home sales across the US involved a distressed property. In some areas of throughout the Seattle area the number is much higher making short sales and foreclosures the biggest competition for regular sellers.

Recently, some of the largest mortgage companies, including Bank of America and Chase, announced that they were slowing foreclosures until they work out some paperwork and process issues. Many mortgage servicers and Fannie Mae as well, typically slow down on foreclosing during the holidays. That means if there are fewer foreclosures on the market, there is less competition for the regular sellers.

Less competition, less intrusion, better quality prospects . . . three good reasons to market your home now.

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